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Hello !

I just decided this week to fulfill a lifelong dream of being an engineer (sound pretentious when I write it). 

But first step I thought is to learn 3d editing and be able to print some models before Christmas, next step is to bring the models to some kind of wind tunnel and try them out and refine and test different materials, shapes, weight points, behavior in water ect and hopefully be able to make prints from them. Since I've got no formal education in this stuff I would like to ask if using Fusion 360, watching all of your videos and experimenting would take me on the right track? Or is there better programs for what I'd like to do?

Best wishes


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Hey @oskarforsberg,

That's a good question and the answer depends on the design intent.

If you are just going to 3D print this boat just for fun, then you definitely don't need any formal education.

But, if you want to build it in real size and use it, then it would be a good idea to know what you are doing.

In regards to the right program, Fusion 360 is not an industry-specific program, and you can use it to build all kinds of boats depending on your F360 skill.

So, what's your design intent?


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