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What is the difference between Optimized, Identical & Adjust when using Pattern [Quick-Tip!]  

Ben K.
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  1. Optimized is the fastest.  It uses some internal code that just patterns the faces of the feature.  But, there are some limitations:  The feature faces have to all land on the same face, and there are some cases (the most famous is patterning cuts around a cylinder, where this method fails.
  2. Identical is next fastest.  This method just extracts the tool body of the feature, patterns that tool body, then joins the results at the end.  It can handle cases like the cutouts around a cylinder.
  3. Adjust is the slowest.  This method recomputes each instance of the feature almost as if it were a separate feature.  This allows you to do things like pattern a feature with a To-Face extent, and have each instance of the pattern compute differently.
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