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[Sticky] VRAY vs Octane Render


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Rendering engines are basic elements for all those involved in 3D modeling: they're after all software that concentrates on calculating renders, supporting traditional modeling programs and producing photorealistic images.

The downside, particularly for people who are new to this field is that it's not always very simple to decide on one particular.

We set to concentrate on the 2 most known and most generally used: VRAY, developed by the Bulgarian Chaos group and utilized by varied graphics programs (such as Studio max, Maya, Rhinoceros, Cinema 4D, Softimage XSI, SketchUp, Blender) and Octane Render, like OTOY, a startup based in CA which can be integrated, for instance, with Autodesk 3D Studio max, Maya and Lightwave.

Before comparing them, let’s discuss the idea behind 3D rendering engines.

VRAY is considered the foremost flexible engine because it allows recreating any kind of scene and supports many different tools and plugins, however, additionally several materials and mappings, whereas octane is much more limited.

However, based on the configuration of the renderings, Octane is better because it allows getting satisfactory results even with a lot simpler settings; furthermore as avoiding all issues (being an Unbiased motor) like spots or flicker.

This could only be eliminated with lots of work and effort when using VRAY. On the other hand, as for the utilization of memory, VRAY appears to prevail, because it uses RAM rather than the limited VRAM.

Other benefits of Octane are lighting, camera, and exposure.

You can get real results with both engines, however by using VRAY this operation may be far more difficult and not intuitive, particularly for the less experienced users.

Finally, as far as network rendering, the advantage of choosing Octane is that of using only the video card for ( che e’ secondary pc) secondary computers: it'll only be necessary to buy the software license, however not those for the plugins.

In short, VRAY and Octane have very different characteristics and every one good depends on the situations.

The advice (if possible) is to learn to use both of them, so you'll be able to use them on specific occasions.

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