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[Sticky] Free Screen Recording Software


Ben K.
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Here is a list of Screen Recording software you can use when you need help with Fusion 360:

Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder

FlashBack Express


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Wow, thank you for your excellent introduction. Many of the screen recording software you introduced are really attractive. If I just want to record the screen for normal record, I may use them. For me, I think some screen recording software with video edit functions would be more appreciated. For example Renee Video Editor Pro is one of my favorite choice when I want to make screen recording for teaching classes. It can record and mark the movement of the mouse. Besides, it also provides zoom in and out function in recording. Also, its built-in video editing functions like cutting, merging, video joining, adding background music and subtitle really help me improve my quality. Hope you can find a suitable screen recording from the list.

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