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How to measure FPS [Windows]

by Ben K.

How to capture FPS in Windows machine?

Option #1

The Fraps counter program can show you how many Frames Per Second (FPS) you are getting in a corner of your screen.
You should first start with this program: Download Fraps

Option #2

OCAT is an open-source utility, that gathers accurate frame time information like Fraps. But, for some reason on some Windows version, it doesn't work!
It is a good program but requires some extra steps to make it work with Fusion 360.

Some of you might have issues with installing OCAT for various reasons:
– It should work on Windows 7, but some users experiencing problems.
– It could also be a .NET framework issue, then please try to reinstall .NET using this link to Microsoft .NET Framework Repair Tool

Download OCAT

Open Fusion 360 using OCAT:

  1. Start OCAT and click on the "Launch App".
  2. Click on "Select target executable".
  3. Navigate to your Desktop and select the Fusion 360 shortcut. or copy/paste this path to the "Target executable"
  4. Click on "Start application" to start Fusion 360.
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